1/1Mony Maeker started&nbsp an antique jewelry store,&nbsp “ANTI

1/1Mony Maeker started  an antique jewelry store,  “ANTIQUE FOREVER’, and invested $40,000 cash in the business and received stock.1/1He rented an office space and paid half year rent of $4800.He leased office furniture at a monthly cost of $500 and this will be paid on the first of the following month.He hired a clerk with a salary of $1200 per month.  The clerk will be paid on the first of every month.He purchased one year liability insurance for $36001/5He purchased office supplies for $500 on account. He purchased 800 bracelets at a cost of $25.00 on account. 1/6He purchased 1200 bracelets at a cost of $26.50, on account. 1/8He sold 500 bracelets at a price of $90.00, on credit.1/14He sold 300 bracelets at a price of $90.00, on credit.1/15He borrowed $10,000 from a bank signing a three year note payable.  The entire principal will be paid at the end of three years.  The annual interest rate on this note is 12%. The interest will be paid at the end of each quarter.He purchased computer and peripheral equipments for $4000 cash.1/17purchased 350 bracelets at $29.50 on account; 1/22sold 1000 bracelets for $102 each.  The sales was on cash1/26he paid for all merchandize purchases.1/28Collected 80% of receivables.1/31He received telephone bill for $300, utility bill for $150.  These will be paid on the tenth of the following month.Inventory count reported 550 bracelets on hand.

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