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For this discussion, imagine that you are an office administrator in a physician’s office that supports four doctors. Reimbursement from various payers make up the payer mix that can be viewed in the form of an aging schedule. The aging schedule informs management of the dollar amount of revenue that has been generated in the current month and what revenue has yet to be collected from previous months by each payer.

While reviewing the processes surrounding the revenue cycle, you have determined that improvements are needed in front office processing. Describe one improvement that you would recommend implementing in the front office staff as it relates to processes with the revenue cycle.

When responding to your classmates, compare and contrast your recommended improvements. What would be the best way to introduce your peer’s improvement to the staff? What potential pitfalls do you anticipate?

This discussion will assist you as you work on Milestone One.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.



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