1.Great adjustments occurred in American Society after World

1.Great adjustments occurred in American Society after World War I. 2.During the Republican era (1921 to 1933) economic, political, and foreign policy was not successful at all! 3.The New Deal (economic policy) was not designed by Herbert Hoover to regain the Presidency in the 1932 election. 4.World War II and its aftermath did not have the United States emerge as a developing world power. 5.International policy (US Foreign Policy) during the Cold War was one of containment (waiting for International Communism to collapse – economically, politically and socially).  Who was George F. Kennan? 6.Great social change did not take place during the post-World War II era. 7.The Vietnam War did not have a significant impact on American Society and US Foreign Policy. 8.Watergate did not have a significant impact on the American Political scene. 9.Foreign Policy, domestic American politics and diplomacy were not changed by the mistakes made during the Vietnam War era. 10.Since the fall of the Soviet Union the USA is generally recognized as the only remaining great world power (super power) presently existing in the world.  Other countries do not qualify at this time as super powers according to generally accepted criteria for superpowers. ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE TO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING TEN QUESTIONS. YOU MUST THEN EXPLAIN AND DEFEND EACH OF YOUR TEN CHOICES.  STATE TRUE OR FALSE AND THEN DEFEND YOUR CHOICE WITH AN ESSAY STARTING WITH…. “THE ANSWER IS TRUE OR FALSE BECAUSE…” AND THEN PROCEED WITH YOUR DEFENDING ESSAY.  I cannot have any plagiarism on this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each question has to be at least 150-200 words per question

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