1. Image Reflection and ImplementationAnorganizational desig

1. Image Reflection and ImplementationAnorganizational design is the process of reshaping organizationstructure and its roles. However, it can also be thought as thealignment of structure, process, rewards,metrics and talent when considering the business aspect.  Organizationdesign may involve strategic decisions, but is properly viewed as a pathto effective strategy execution. The design process nearly alwaysentails making trade-offs of one set of structuralbenefits against another. This is why many organizations are constantlyseeking to change its organization structure, with little benefit tothe business. What are some common organizational design options thatinfluence the selection process? 100 words2.Foundations and organization structuresReview your current methods of communication. Discuss areas such as usingslang or text abbreviations that could take away from your professionalimage.List three areas that you need to be aware of when you are communicatingwith other professionals in order to project a professional image. 300 Words OR 1 Page Double SpacedALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AND NO PLAGIARISM

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