1. Most eating disorders began at age10153550&nbsp2. Healthy a

1. Most eating disorders began at age:10153550 2. Healthy and long-lasting weight loss involves ________ changes.quick fixfad dietmiracle foodslifestyle 3. All of the body systems and/or organs below are affected by anorexia nervosa with the exception of:Circulatory systemMuscular systemNervous systemFemale Reproductive system 4. Eating disorders are not only physical they are also the result of _________. high self-esteembacterial infectionbehavioral and emotional pressureslack of sleep 5. Emotional complications of obesity may be just as serious as physical complications. Which is not an emotional sign? obsessive/compulsive behaviorsanxietylow self-esteeminflated ego 6. _____________ is a disorder in which a person eats large amounts of food followed by forced vomiting or use of laxatives. binge eatinganorexiafastingbulimia 7. ______________ is the disease which is characterized by a cycle of ‘binging and purging.’ ObesityAnorexia NervosaFad DietingBulimia Nervosa 8. The American Heart Association’s dietary guidelines: recommends a varied diet of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, poultry and fat-free (skim) and low-fat dairy productscan be adapted to most ethnic cuisinehelps people to stay on a sensible eating planall of the above 9. ____________ determine(s) 70% of our body weight and shape. BehaviorEmotionsSelf-EsteemGenes 10. Children of obese parents suffer an increased risk of becoming obese. What factors could lessen this risk? You may select more than one answer for this question. eating together as a family instead of in front of the TVplanning meals to limit high-fat foodsusing food as a rewardlimiting portion sizes Thanks!

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