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1.  According to Gretchen green’spresentation of STSci, why is the data Management System (DMS) Storage AreaNetwork (SAN) in a private cloud?You have five lines to respond to this shortanswer question.2.  For the ERP to be successful, what isrequired by company before a contract is signed with the vender?3.  Why do IT Infrastructure ServerServices revolve around messages?4.  Why are transactions put under theACID Properties test & ETL?5.  What implications are there whensoftware is offered as a service in a cloud computing environment? How manydata center in the cloud would an enterprise need and why?6.  How do goals, objectives, andbusiness rules interrelate and differ? Give a good and bad example of each.7.  How does unstructured and semi-structureddata contribute to BI? Where does this data come from?8.  Explain why architectures aredesigned in layers?

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