1.&nbsp Aconsumer organization wants to know if there is a diff

1.  Aconsumer organization wants to know if there is a difference in the price of aparticular toy at three different types of stores. The price of the toy waschecked in a sample of five discount toy stores, five variety stores, and fivedepartment stores. The results are shown below. DiscounttoyVarietyDepartment$121519131717141416121820151719An ANOVA was run and the results are shown below.  At the .05 significance level, is there adifference in the mean prices between the three stores? What is thep-value?  Explain why an ANOVA was usedto analyze this problem.One factor ANOVAMeannStd. Dev13.2 51.30 Discount Toys16.2 51.64 Variety18.2 51.64 Department15.9 152.56 TotalANOVA tableSourceSS  dfMSF  p-valueTreatment63.33 231.667 13.38.0009Error28.40 122.367 Total91.73 14

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