1.&nbsp DefineHuman Computer Interaction?2.&nbsp Defineslips and m

1.  DefineHuman Computer Interaction?2.  Defineslips and mistake?3.  Whatis meant by execution and evaluation cycle?4.  Whatis Direct manipulation?5.  Whatis agent base interface?6.  Whatis psychological design rationale?7.  Whatare the golden rules of interface design?8.  Physicalenvironment factors that affect the quality of iteration?9.  Whatis story board and how it can be used?10.  Guidefor design of effective error message?11.  Mentalmodel and why it is important?12.  Shortterm and long term memory?13.  Maincharacteristic of cognitive model?14.  Advantageand disadvantage of metaphore?15.  Characteristicof predictability of interacted system?16.  Styleof evaluation?17.  Characteristicof good user interface design?18.  Twocommon ways to improve navigation?19.  Howdesign rationale benefits interface design and why might it be rejected bydesign team?20.  Tocreate use scenario is important in design process why?21.  Whoare stake holder and what are the categories of it?22.  Differenttypes of windows ?23.  Whatusability requirement for advanced mobile phones?24.  Compareprint page design and web page design?25.  Defineicon and what are the kinds of icon?26.  Whatkind of factors effect human information perception?

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