1.&nbspAfter reading Thinking Critically About Social Problems

1. After reading Thinking Critically About Social ProblemsHelping Heroin Addicts on page 113, discuss your reaction to the pamphlet linklisted below that was discussed in this section. Do you agree or disagree withits content and it being published in the first place?2. Do you think marijuana should be legalized? What aboutother drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and LSD? What might be some of theeffects on society of legalizing different drugs, and how might these effectsimpact human service professionals?https://online.vitalsource.com/books/9781269311540/content/image/S11540_04_f0022.jpgComplete the Option 2 written Assignment by responding to theSeminar questions listed above. Your responses to the questions below should becomposed in complete sentences and paragraphs. You should create your Seminar responses in MS Word. Your papershould be in APA format and cite all references used and must contain in textcitations.

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