1.&nbspDevelop an algorithm tokeep track of the number of avail

1. Develop an algorithm tokeep track of the number of available rooms and the number of visitors. Theprogram should calculate the cost of accommodation, any discounts that mayapply, the final cost for each visitor and the overall total bill for thecompany.The program shouldaccept as input the name of one of the companies and the visitors’ informationfor that company. Accept the first name, last name, status (resident or non-resident) and duration of stay for each visitor and also prompt the user tostate whether or not the visitor is an early bird.The program should thendisplay the name and the total amount that should be paid by the company, thenumber of registered guest and the number of available rooms. The programshould also produce a listing of all the visitors for each package. Include inthe list of names the final cost, discount amounts and room numbers assigned toeach visitor.

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