1.&nbspHRM has changed dramatically over the last twodecades. D

1. HRM has changed dramatically over the last twodecades. Discuss two major trends that are affecting and have affected HRM.Provide examples of how a company’s HRM practices might be affected by eachtrend.2. Identify and explain the factors you wouldconsider to determine if discrimination had occurred in an employment decision.Explain how you would prevent this from occurring going forward.3. As a strategic business partner, human resourcesenhances organizational performance, expands human capital, and is costeffective. Discuss how HRM professionals contribute to organizationalperformance through human capital and cost.4.  As thenew human resource manager at Hardwick’s Fabric Store, which is a retail chain,you have been tasked to develop an HRM plan. What external factors areimportant for you to consider and why?5. Part of strategic staffing is ensuring that HRMhires the right person/skills the first time. This is completed throughstrategic planning as well as an efficient selection process. Describe threeselection methods used to assess knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) forcandidates. Explain how those selection methods will maximize finding the rightcandidate.6. While layoffs may seem prevalent today, manycompanies still face the challenge of retaining top performers and the skillsneeded to complete the job. Explain how you would create a proactive retentionprogram for a company. Describe the steps you would take and substantiate eachstep.7. Evaluate the importance of measuring trainingeffectiveness on performance and in terms of return on investment (ROI). Sharean example of how you would measure training effectiveness.       Describe thefactors/components you would include in a performance management program andvalidate those items. Explain the value of performance evaluations andperformance management to the overall business.     Incentives are rewards intended to motivate aspecific behavior. Appropriate incentives stimulate performance. Explain howpay for performance plans are designed to reward individuals as well as teamresults. Evaluate the value of pay for performance plans as it relates to the

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