1.&nbspMaslowshierarchy of needs proposes that ____________

1. Maslow’shierarchy of needs proposes that ____________ needs must be satisfied before____________ needs will become motivators for behavior.2. Thebelief that matter evolves from simpler to more complex forms is____________________.3. The___________, according to Rogers, is one’s view of self as one wishes to be.4. CarlRogers believed that conditions of worth, incongruence, defensiveness, anddisorganization are all considered  ___________________________.5. Rogersbelieved that __________________________, _______________________, and_________________ are necessary elements of psychotherapy.6. _______________is the structure that gives meaning to experience and allows people to makedecisions about the future.7. Mayproposed that ___________________ is the freedom of action, whereas __________________is the freedom of being.8. The basicconcepts of existential theory are _______________ and ___________________.1. Unconditional positive regardA. Abraham Maslow2. ErosB. Carl Rogers3. Love and belongingness needsC. Rollo May4. The self-concept5. Guilt6. Levels of awareness7. Self-actualization8. Neurotic anxiety

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