1.Treating the music video below (Gangnam Style by PSY) as a

1.Treating the music video below (Gangnam Style by PSY) as a study in human mate selection behaviors, from a biological perspective outline each gender’s strategy for attracting and selecting a mate.  For full credit be sure to provide the reasoning as to why these behaviors are advantageous to each gender from an evolutionary/ natural selection perspective and why they would increase fitness.2.Beards are an example of sexual dimorphism in humans. They are often viewed as a sign of masculinity as growth is triggered by elevated levels of testosterone. Some have argued that the development of the beard in human males is a result of intrasexual competition and may be a costly sign of male competitiveness. Develop a hypothesis for why human males have evolved beards and provide evidence as to why this trait may be advantageous and may increase fitness.

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