1. What is the difference between population ecology and com

1. What is the difference between population ecology and community ecology? Give three examples2. What are the three small-scale population distributions shown in nature? What are the environmental conditions that lead to each distribution?3.  When would you expect to see a species growing at an exponential rate?4.  Describe logistic growth and tell when you would expect to see a species growth pattern that is logistic. Be sure to describe the carrying capacity of that species in your answer.5.  Why did the industrial revolution lead to such high levels of growth in the human population?6.  What are the differences between renewable and non-renewable resources? Give an example of both.7.  How do scientists distinguish between the background extinction rate and a mass extinction event?8.  What are the four major ways that humans are affecting other species through our actions? Thoroughly describe an example of each mechanism.9.  Define evolution.10.  How do mutation, migration, and genetic drift cause the evolution of populations? Be specific and provide examples of all three cases.11.  How would you refute the argument, ‘evolution is only a theory?’12.  Describe Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection?13.  What are the differences between microevolution and macroevolution?14.  How do scientists determine if two individuals are from the same species?15.  Why were domains added to the classification system of organisms?16.  What is convergent evolution and how can convergent evolution in the past affect the description of fossilized species?17.  Why is the fossil record incomplete? Why is it important in spite of that fact?

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