1. Write a program to get eight-bit data from PORTA and send

1. Write a program to get eight-bit data from PORTA and send it to PORTB and PORTC. Make sure to define each port as input or output.           2. Write a program to toggle all bits of PORTA continuously by sending $55 and $AA to it.           3. Write a program to toggle PB3, PB7, and PB5 continuously without disturbing the rest of the bits. Assume that there is a delay procedure that you can call.           4. Write a program to monitor Bit PJ3, which is connected to a switch. When it is HIGH, send 55H to the output port, PORTB. You also need to define the PJ3 bit as an input port, and PORTB as an output port.           5. Eight switches are connected to PORTB and eight LEDs are connected to PORTA. We would like to monitor the first two least significant bits of PORTB (use masking technique).  Whenever both of these bits are set, switch all LEDs of Port A on for one second. Assume that the name of the delay subroutine is DELAY. You do not need to write the code for the delay procedure.

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