1.) Write the formula for density.__________________2.)Orang

1.) Write the formula for density.__________________2.)Orange Juice mass=18g  volume=_____ density= 6 g/mL3 .) Milk    mass= 8 g volume=2 mL density_______4.) Water   mass=15 g  volume=mL density=_______5.) corn oil  mass = ____   volume=6 mL  density= 5  g/mL6.)Molasses  mass= 21 g  volume=______ density= 7 g/mL7.) Soy sauce  mass=____   volume= 7.5 mL   density= 2 g/mL8.)If an aluminum cube had a mass of 20g and the length of each side was 2 cm, between what to liquids would it float?____________________________________9.) If an iron block had a length of 2 cm, a width of 3 cm and a height of 1 cm and a mass of 33 g between what two liquids would it float?______________________10.) Not including the metals, what is the total volume in the density tube?_________________

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