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1546201_1405040206486777_8220500720577681334_n.jpg Answer the following questions based on graph. ThanksThere is an important species without fossil information and you want to know how long ago it diverged.  You sequence the gene and find that it has 4 differences when compared to human.  Using this rough molecular clock based on this geneThe species diverged 0.6 million years agoThe species diverged 1.6 million years agoThe species diverged 2.2 million years agoThe species diverged 2.4 million years agoThere is not enough information to answer the question.A colleague hears that you have calibrated a molecular clock and she calls you telling you that she would like to use it to calibrate a divergence time using your molecular clock for a species she is interested in.  She tell you that she has sequenced the species for the clock gene and the divergence of the sequence from human is 15 changes.  You advise her against using your clock.  Why?Her species didn’t have fossil datesHer species is in a different clade of organismsThe sequence divergence is out of the range of the clock you calibratedThe sequence divergence is too small to work with your clockNone of the above

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