19.&nbspWhat format is correct for the following parenthetical

19. What format is correct for the following parenthetical citation: the novel As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner? 1.(As I Lay Dying, 57–58).2.(Faulkner, p. 57–58).3.(As I Lay Dying: 57–58).4.(Faulkner 57–58).24. Which best explains why Liberty 5-3000 has trouble expressing her feelings for Equality 7-2521 at the end of Chapter 9? She is shy and unable to say what she feels.She is fearful of being rejected by him.She does not have the language to express her feelings.She does not want to be punished for admitting she loves him.25. Review the detail from the novella Anthem: The Scholars intend to destroy Equality 7-2521’s invention even though it could be of enormous use to the world. Which best describes the connection between this detail and the historical context of the novella Anthem? It shows that the society is superstitious, and believes that the invention was created by an evil power.It shows that the society is oppressive, and values control more than technological progress.It shows that the society is protective, because it doesn’t want its citizens to be corrupted by technology.It shows that the society lacks knowledge of the past, because they do not understand how technology makes life easier.

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