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1) Jake who is swinging on a deadly rope swing ofCV. The rope is 30 m long and initially inclined at 37 from the vertical. Whatis his speed at the bottom if he starts from rest?2) BensGTI starts from rest and has a mass of 3000 kg and accelerates to a velocity of28 m/s in 9.0s. Assume that the air resistance remains constant at 200N.What is the power developed by the GTI during this time?3) Olivia, who is 50 KG, climbs 4.2 m up a rope ata constant speed. If her power output is 200W: How long does it take her toclimb the rope, and how much work does she do?4) Shea is not having a good day, she is drivingalong in her car at 22m/s and has a mas of 2000 kg. She has a head on inelasticcollision with another girl at school in her 1700 kg jetta doing 18 m/s. Whatis her final velocity.5) Grant and Bryan are in the bumper cars atboomers. If bryan and his bumper car has a mass of 75 kg, with a velocity of 9m/s to the left, and grant and his bumper car have a mass of 85 kg and avelocity of 6 m/s to the right. What is grants final velocity if bryans finalvelocity is 4.5 m/s to the right?6) Brooks car tires accelerate at 25 rad/ secsquared as she is driving. If the tire begins with an angular speed of 10.8rad/sec, what is the wheels angular speed after exactly 3 full turns?7) Mitchell comes across 2 kids at the play groundon the merry go round. If the Kids are sitting 1.3 m from the center, and hespins them at an angular acceleration of 12 rad/sec squared, what tangentialacceleration do they under go?8) Special agent alex is back on the scene. An eviloperative is trying to double cross her and escape with the biological weaponsblueprints. If alex spins her briefcase with a mass of 5kg around her head atarms length of 0.5 m and a tangential velocity 7.2 m/s, what force does thebrief case hit the evil agent with to render him unconscious?9) Calculate the torque needed applied to a lug nutof a car tire id 250 N is applied by a torque wrench w/ length of 35cm?10) Max is making extra $ washing windows on askyscraper if he is 700N and is on standing 1.5m from the end of a 4m 300Nscaffold supported by 2 veritcal ropes, how much force is being applied to eachrope?11) A bike tire with a mass of 0.75kg and diameterof 1.1m is rotating at 102.5 rad/s. What torque is necessary to stop the tirefrom rotating?12) A 8kg bowling ball is 3m up a ramp with a 35incline. What will its velocity be at the bottom of the ramp?

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