1)&nbsp&nbspThree elements of active listening are brief, subtle m

1)  Three elements of active listening are brief, subtle movements of the head, saying ‘Mm’ or ‘Yes’, and using brief sentences such as ‘Go on’. 2) A care practitioner could use SOLER behaviours to improve communication and listening: face the other person squarely, adopt an open position, lean towards the other person slightly, maintain good eye contact and try to be relaxed while paying attention.3) To check understanding of what has been said, care practitioners may use reflection by repeating parts of what has been said. They may also use paraphrasing or summarising what has been said. Both techniques help avoid making incorrect or inaccurate interpretations of what has been said. 4) Empathy-building statements are those that show the service user that you understand and appreciate what they are saying. These statements often paraphrase what the service user has said. They are useful as they allow the service user to correct any misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

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