1st.- Think of a long hollow cylinder 3 foot in diameter (fi

1st.- Think of a long hollow cylinder 3 foot in diameter (filled with ambient air)(say 80 dregrees F) (at sea level) with a bottom and no top capable of fluid isolation . If I drop a 25 lb piston into the cylinder and it stops as it finds equilibrium. I continue doing this, stacking compression chambers until it gets to the top. How much heat (F if I put a thermometer to it) and psi approximately would have built up on the bottom compression chamber? The piston falls by gravity until it meets an equilibrium of force pushing the piston upwards equal to the weight of the piston forcing the piston downwards.What is the  Temp. (F) and what is the pressure at for each problem:   100 ft. dropping 5 pistons at timed intervals what is the temp in F and the pressure for the first piston. first and second piston, first,second and third piston, first ,second ,third, and forth piston, first, second, third, forth, and fifth compression chamber.200 feet maybe approx. 10 pistons ect…6 th, 7th 8th,9th and 10th compression chamber1000 feet The first five  compression chambers temp. and pressure at 1000 feet2000 feet The first five compression chambers  temp. and pressure at 2000 feet The pistons will be dropped at timed intervals. The piston service is 3 feet in diameter..Can Chas law, Boyles law, or Amontons law be used to find these answers?Thank You

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