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Discussion 1

Dealer’s Choice

Choose something you read about this week in this class (an idea, a person, an event) and share more about it. Respond to the following:

  • What was it? Briefly summarize the piece that interested you.
  • Why did it interest you?
  • Explain how you might use this new knowledge.

Discussion 2

After completing the self-assessment and self-inventory exercises in this week’s studies, describe any insights you gained about your values and skills. Explore how personal interests, goals, and values have impacted or may impact your professional work life or professional goals and choices. How have your goals affected (or how might your goals affect) your professional career exploration? How have your values influenced (or how might your values influence) your professional work life and choices? (For example, your choice of careers, work styles or environments, or preference for working alone or with others.)


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