2 Page Paper about career planning/masters program (easy) Counseling course

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This assignment is for students who are currently attending a four-year college or university or who have completed their undergraduate degree. That includes students currently in a Master’s Degree Program.

Part I

Research and Identify a Master’s Degree Program appropriate for your field of interest. This can include a MA, MS, MSW, MBA, MEd, etc…. Specify both the degree and the university that you plan to attend. Identify the website(s) used for your information. You may copy and paste the websites.

Part II

List the total number of units and the specific coursework required to complete this Master’s Program at the university or college that you have selected in Part I. Most Master’s Programs require 32-60 units. Do not copy and paste. Type the courses.

Part III

Explain why you have selected this program and how it relates to your career interests. Be specific. This section can be anywhere from a minimum of one-half page to a maximum of 1 full typed page, double spaced. Be sure to give a thorough answer for maximum points. I would expect that students who are attending a four year university or those who have graduated can develop a well-written explanation.

Special Notes:

  • The entire Assignment should be 2 pages.
  • Some students have not (yet) planned to attend a Master’s Program. This assignment is for future planning. Assume you plan to attend at some point.
  • If you are already enrolled in a Master’s Program, plan a second Program. This is not an unusual step. There are many people with two Master’s Degrees. This allows them greater flexible and marketable in the workforce.
  • The due dates are the same as for the regular ed plan assignment. Save and post this assignment in Unit 7, Assignment 11 dropbox.
  • Please save as alt_edplan.doc
  • You do not need to meet or email a college counselor to complete this assignment but your research should be thorough.
  • www.collegesource.org and www.assist.org may be helpful websites as well as others listed in the supplemental packet in the ed planning section.


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