2009 Chev. Malibu LT 2.4L(vinB) 6 SPD. Mich. &amp ASE Master. g

2009 Chev. Malibu LT 2.4L(vinB) 6 SPD. Mich. & ASE Master. got too sick & now on Disability. Bought car on 5/11/13 on test drive & on way home all worked well except key fob(would only try to lock or unlock) (I tested all accessories) & all worked. Car sat for 1 week then drove 30 miles to daughter & again all worked well. On way home no cruise, cruise would only light switch on steering wheel & not dash, windshield wipers would not work at all. these are current problems. No w/wipers, No Cruise, Key Fob will only lock or unlock sometimes Left rear door lock actuator intermittent (no other function works)(new battery). Mitchell wiring diagrams show only thing in common is BCM. Other posts talk about same types pf problems & BCM was problem. Being a Technician I do not like to install parts unless I KNOW they have failed. I do not have access to a Tech II But could get a Modis( DID check TPS voltage & was within paramaters) to use Have DVM & Good at wireing. Any suggested tests & I can do Thanks Gene. Cant pledge more as I have never used this service. We could talk??

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