2015 KEREL.pdf&nbspThese are only two sheets of twenty importan

2015 KEREL.pdf These are only two sheets of twenty important subject Atkm on the black spots of accidents means places the most accidents, previous studies demonstrate how knowledge of these points and all paper describes a method, Vmbdia needed a summary of the two papers in terms of black spot definition and how to find them and the result obtained by this exists in the abstract and conclution, Example Ali that some of them use GIS and use the method kerel how Astkhaddmhaomama get them, I just want the summary of each sheet about half a page or more and be 100% of the style of your writing means no copy paste, I have an appointment with Dr on Thursday if you can complete them will show them it and reach an understanding of the rest of the articles and the price that God willing, you’re with me on the end of the research because it only my problem in writing, Hmaseat needs to work from the start he needs to understand.If walked things there will be a hundred paper Bs topic is a little different because he speaks accident factors , and the end of the gay people I will discuss the proposed means to summarize the articles will be in a period of five months Fargo see and respond.This is my ph.D desertion.summering only one pdf half pagebut just summer the important things.

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