20150206233257bis221_r1_abc_technologies_inc_q1_2012_sales_week4-4.xlsUsing the ABC Technologies Inc., Q1 2012 Sales spreadsheet, analyze the data on Q1 2012 Sales identifying the following:Monthly sales by RegionQuarter One sales by RegionMonthly sales by ProductQuarter One sales by ProductMonthly sales by Region, by Sales peopleQuarter One sales by Region, by Sales peopleCreate a graph or chart that compares the data in a meaningful way, i.e. compare regions by month, compare products by month, etc…Create a spreadsheet formatted to present your analysis of the sales numbers to management. In your spreadsheet, use the following:Use the SUM functionThe date functionAn additional math or statistical function of your choiceFill colors to differential areas of your spreadsheetBorder lines to differential area of your spreadsheet

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