Developing World Journalistic Paper and Presentation

Developing World Journalistic Paper andPresentationFor your first paper and presentation assignment, each student will get achance to critically analyze and present on a journalistic story on a casein a developing nation. A critical analysis (sometimes called a critique,critical summary, or review) is a systematic analysis of an idea, text, orpiece of literature (in this case a journal article) that discusses its validityand evaluates its arguments. You will be asked to select an article fromthe following journalistic websites for an interesting story that addressesone of the topics that we have been/or will be discussing in class duringthis semester (Your topic can be something we will cover later in thesyllabus). Your written assignment is due as a soft copy via blackboardon Sunday, September 24 at 11.59pm. Failure to submit your paper bythis time will result in a – 20 point penalty for every 24 hours your paperis late. List of Journals (You will need professor’s approval if you plan toselect a news journal not on this list). Financial Times New York Times Der Spiegel International LA Times Wall Street Journal Daily Mail Chicago Tribune The Guardian BBC Al Jazeera National Geographic International Crisis Group Institute for War and PeaceYou will have up to four minutes to present your topic and then tointroduce a discussion question related to it. Your paper and presentationshould address the following points:1. How does your selected article address a topic relevant to the classsyllabus?2. What is the historical/conceptual context of your selected article?3. How do the themes “The West, The South and/or The NaturalWorld” apply to your selected article?4. How do the theories of development apply to your selectedarticle?All of the questions above should be appropriately organized in essayformat in continuous prose (not using bullet points). Your paper shouldbe between 5 and 6 pages long, double spaced (Times New Roman Font 12 or Calibri Font 11. A separate Literature Cited/references page shouldbe attached to the assignment. You must use the APA citation style. Inaddition to the class readings and the article, you must cite at least ONEacademic peer-reviewed journal article and ONE book chapter insupport of your critical analysis. You may not cite Wikipedia as asource.Exact presentation dates of each student will be announced duringregular class time. Your presentation should be presented in a visuallyappealing and organized way. I encourage the use of PowerPoint orPrezi for your presentation. You must send me a copy of your finalPowerPoint to my email address by midnight ofthe day before you are assigned to present so I can prepare your slideson the class computer for your presentation. Failure to send yourpresentation by this date will result in a 50% presentation time penaltyas it will take time for you to log in and download your presentation inclass.Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria for a total of 100points:1. Title accurately reflects content.2. Abstract provides concise summary that highlights most salientpoints.3. Paper is effectively organized into sections.4. Topic area is covered in sufficient depth.5. Case study and historical context is adequately described.6. All citations are present in Literature Cited/References section.7. All entries in Literature Cited/References are referred to in the text.8. Literature Cited format is according to APA style.9. No evidence of plagiarism is uncovered.10. Formatting Annoyances: i.e. absence of page numbers,inconsistencies, etc.Your presentation will be evaluated on the following criteria for a totalof 100 points:1. Quality of information presented and organization of ideas2. Quality of verbal communication.3. Appropriate use of visual tools.4. Appropriate use of terminology.5. Depth of analytic description.6. Overall presentation effectiveness.7. Timely presentation without going above maximum time allocated.8. Ability to demonstrate originality of research through a round ofQuestions and Answers from the professor and/or your peers.