Discuss the roles of federal and state governments in health policy

Discuss the roles of federal and state governments in health policy

2) DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Due: Wednesday Day 3) 20 points per week.
There are two parts to the Discussion Question Assignment (Part I and Part II).

Part I (15 points total):
You’ll respond to two questions. See (a) and (b) below:

a. Chapter 2: P. 80 (choose one of the 1-5 questions–just pick one).
• I encourage you to put the text aside while you are drafting your response, so it captures your unique perspective (and uses your own words).
• For full points include at least one example (one that is not included in the text).
• Your responses for Part I (a) should be a minimum 2 paragraphs in length.

b. Chapter 3 P. 100 question #2 (Everyone respond to this)
• Please close the text and describe the overall model as if you are teaching it to a 6th grader. Think of an interesting way to explain the model, and keep it SUPER simple!

Part II (5 points total):
For Part II you’ll be asking the group a question related to the material we are covering this week. Be creative and have some fun with your questions. How can you best encourage/reinforce learning of the material we are covering this week?

Use clear paragraphs with headings for your responses to the Part I and Part II. Post your assignment in the weekly tab under the Discussion Question forum, with your name in the subject line: Week 2 DQ (your name). Please submit the assignment as one posting –thanks!

3) REPORT: (Due Sunday Day 7) 30 points.
For your report this week please see the Week 2 Report, and Week 2 Report Instructions in the Doc Sharing tab for detailed instructions!

Post your assignment in the weekly tab under the Report forum AND to the Dropbox. Also, please submit to the Dropbox for grading as an attachment. When posting to both locations, please name your post Week 2 Report (your name).

4) LESSONS LEARNED: (Due Sunday Day 7)
Briefly reflect on what you have learned this week and what material you feel will be valuable for you. Then the more subjective side: How did the week go for you? Was it pretty easy to read through and understand? Did you find it interesting? Did you struggle and find any part of it hard to understand? Post your reflections in the weekly tab under Lessons Learned: Week 2 Lessons Learned (your name).

5) PARTICIPATION: (Due All Week) 25 points per week.
Check the Discussion Board daily to read and participate in classroom discussion. You are required to submit at least two notes on a minimum of 4 out of 7 days each week.