21st-century fashion, detrimental the progress of feminism (feminism and fashion)(1st wave feminism vs 4th wave)

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To write a 5 page essay (double spaced) on something we covered in class. I have attached the requirement of what should be included in the class. I also have attatched two resources that i want to be included in the essay. if you fid more resources it would be great to add in the essay. I want the essay to cover this topic- How did they deal with cosmetics and how did it happen and fashion how did they empower women in the suffragette movement (1s wave of feminism) and how now it has evolved into exploiting women for their sexuality or inappropriately creating clothing that is pro-feminist yet hurts the feminist movement. Also asking questions like did coco Chanel and Estee lauder in the 1st wave of feminism actually empower women or were they taking advantage of women’s insecurities and how this is still going on till now.


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