2pagesYour assignment is to describe an ethical dilemma rela

2pagesYour assignment is to describe an ethical dilemma related touse of new or emerging technologies in the biological sciences.  One question could be how does one’sidentity, hierarchy, power, and privilege lead to differences in their accessto health care?  You may use one ofthe following, Genetically ModifiedOrganisms, GMO’s, Describe  GMO’s  why you think there arehealth disparities amongst people. References for these topics from outline Here is a guideline for the health disparities topic: · You will identify for example why some people insociety do not have equal access to health care based upon culture, race,gender or socioeconomic status.  · You will also identify ways in where changes canand should be made in your opinion to promote social justice through equalaccess to care or reduce or eliminate health disparities.  · You will offer possible solutions to promotebiological literacy and increase access to health services across communities,nations, or the world.  Hereare more guidelines for the other topics: Stem cells and GMO’s: · Describe an ethicaldilemma for example: related to use of new or emerging technologies in thebiological sciences (stem cell research and GMO’s).   o ForGMO’s: Tell the advantages and disadvantages of use of GMO’s.· Identify ways where changes can and should bemade in their opinion to promote social justice according to your subject.    o For StemCell Research:  Show how adult stemcells have an advantage over embryonic stem cells because of their ease ofaccess.  o ForGMO’s: Show the advantages and disadvantages of GMO’s in light of economicsfor farmers and consumers of crops.You will have at least one reference.  There are example references found oniLearn.  Others you can find using forexample the SFSU library site: http://www.library.sfsu.edu/find/dbs/dbselector.php?oSubject=9   Thiswill be referred to in the body of your paper. For references refer to the APA site or the Council of Science Editors: http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/apahttp://www.monroecc.edu/depts/library/cse.htmThese sites give a detailed description on how to properlyreference an article within a paper. When citing an article parenthetically within a paper put the author’sname first and the year the article was published.  Example  (Murdock 2013).  If there are two authors you can place bothnames (Campbell and Reece 2008).  Ifthere are more than two authors you will put the first one down and then put etal (and others).  Example  (Carnal et al 2013).  Make sure you also list the references at the end of thepaper.  · For example for a book:Murdock H. Fundamentals of Human Biology and Health. 3rded., San Diego (CA): Cognella, Inc.; 2013, 227p.· For an article:Palaniappan L, Wang Y, and Fortmann S.  Coronary Heart Disease Mortality for SixEthnic Groups in California, 1990-2000. Annals of Epidemiology. 2003. Vol. 14No. 7: 499-506· For a website:Author(s). Title of homepage [Internet]. Place ofpublication: publisher; date [modified date; cited date]. Available from: URL Referencelist example: Centers for Disease Control andPrevention (US). Avian influenza infection in humans [Internet]. Atlanta , GA:CDC [updated 2006 Apr 24; cited 2006 Jun 26]. Available from: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/avian/gen-info/avian-flu-humans.htm· Use proper English grammar and spelling with nocontradictions and with all thoughts presented in concise, complete sentenceswhich are organized into paragraphs.  Besure to spell check and proofread!· Most importantly, the entire paper should bewritten in your own words.  You may have occasional quotes for whichyou would have to cite a reference. However, the majority of the paper should be written by you.  A score of zero will be given for any papercontaining plagiarism (copying paragraphs, or even a sentence, from anysource) or for any paper showing signs of having been written in conjunctionwith anybody.

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