3 •&nbsp VISUAL BASIC 2010 TERMSCreate a Windows form mock-up

3 •  VISUAL BASIC 2010 TERMSCreate a Windows form mock-up for the following requirements document and Use Case Definition.The Windows Form object and the other objects in the user interface are shown in Figure 2-82.  REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT  Date submitted:  August 16, 2013  Application title:  Visual Basic 2010 Terms  Purpose:  This application displays the definitions of common Visual Basic terms. When the user  chooses to view a definition, the term’s definition is displayed.  Program  From a window on the screen, the user makes a request to see one of three VB  Procedures:  definitions.  Algorithms,  1. The user first views a screen that displays three VB terms.  Processing, and  2. An image of a computer is displayed at the top of the window throughout the running  Conditions:  of the application.  3. The user can select any of the three terms displayed on the buttons, and the definition  appears after each selection is made.  4. The user can click any of the term buttons and the definition will appear. Any previous  definitions will disappear.  5. An exit button is available at all times, allowing the user to end the application.  Notes and  1. Only one definition should be displayed at a time, so if a user selects a second  Restrictions:  term, the second definition only should be displayed.  Comments:  1. The computer picture shown in the window can be found on scsite.com/vb2010/  ch3/images. The name of the picture is Computer. Images will be added in Chapter 3.

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