3 questions, 150 words each

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Provide a thoughtful and thorough response to each question: questions from Bridget Jones’ Diary and Pride & Prejudice

1.Is Bridget is a tragic or comic character? Discuss what part of Bridget’s character enables her tocontinually pick herself up and continue, even after all the failures, embarrassments and inadequacies.

2. Is Bridget a feminist? Did Helen Fielding intend to promote a feminist message by focusing on issues such as self-image, marital and professional status, etc.?

3. Compare and contrast Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with Bridget Jones’s Diary. Do Fielding’s Bridget and Marc Darcy in any way resemble Austen’s Elizabeth and Darcy in character? How do they compare in their respective relationships? Is Austen’s “message” similar to Fielding’s?


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