4.)Explain how the geography and government affect the econo

4.)Explain how the geography and government affect the economy of Taiwan andMongolia.5.)In China, Why are people moving to the cities in large numbers?6.)Explain the difference between working in major Chinese cities to working inthe more rural areas of China.7.)What do you believe is the main source of China’s growing pollution problem,and what can be done to fix it?8.)How does literacy affect the standard of living?9.)Define Maritime Commerce.10.)How does the government in Myanmar restrict the rights of its citizens?11.)Explain how religions such as Christianity and Islam spread from the MiddleEast to Southeast Asia.12.)Describe the following and tell how each influenced life in East Asia:BeliefKey IdeasImpact ConfucianismShintoBuddhismHinduism13.)Describe life in the Koreas  CountryCultureGovernmentRelationship withUnited StatesSouth KoreaNorth Korea14.) What wasthe purpose of the samurai and the shoguns? Which shogun group attempted toclose off the country from the outside world?15) Describelife in Japan before, during, and after WWII.EconomyGovernmentCultureBeforeDuringAfter16.) What typeof government does China and N. Korea have? How does the government affect thelifestyles of the citizens in these countries?17.) How doesthe physical geography of the Koreas affect the agriculture of the region?18.) How didJapan’s role in WWII affect North and South Korea?19.) How doesliteracy affect the standard of living?

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