4 pages about: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability in the Hospitality industry.

MGMT581 Hospitality Management

Spring 2018

Final Project Guidelines

Deliverable: Investigate a contemporary topic in the Hospitality Industry and submit a 3-5 page report.

Report components should include:

Background on Topic

Primary and/or Secondary Research

Implications of the Topic to Hospitality Business(es), Consumers, and the Local Community

I already chose the topic and this is the information I wrote:

Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability in the Hospitality industry.

Background on Topic: Throughout this paper we plan to discuss the importance of sustainability within the hospitality industry. Focusing on the benefits not only for the environment but also the brand. We also plan to discuss the implications that brand can face when deciding to “go green.”

Primary Research: This topic will cover the multiple factors that are considered and covered when planning for a sustainable hotel property.

  • Cost Savings- Cost is always a driving factor and reducing operating costs provides a compelling incentive for hoteliers.
  • Economic incentives- Government incentives to encourage the development of “green buildings”
  • Regulatory affairs- The impact of present and future legislative activities on hotel design.
  • Guest experience- Investments in environmental technology can have a direct positive impact on guest experience.
  • Brand image- Acquiring sustainable business practices will lead to an enhanced reputation and brand image, which translates to great hotel profits in the long term.

Secondary Research: This topic will focus on The Crosby Street hotel that was awarded as LEED-certified. Our research will discuss the different levels that can be awarded along with how Crosby Street hotel was able to accomplish this in one of the most congested cities.

Links for Research:







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