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A newly elected U.S. president has to assemble a cabinet and fill many key administrative positions. Disregarding the politics of the situation and based on this week’s readings, what challenges do you think a new president faces in building a team?

The most critical challenges that a president-elect faces when building an effective team are:

1) Trust is the centerpiece. Trust is one of the biggest challenges that any leader faces when building and leading a team. In this context, a president-elect will encounter certain challenges that place him/her in the position to rely on others in the absence of monitoring. But, there may be certain types of trust that gives a president-elect a few advantages such as social embeddedness, status or similarity (Thompson, 2014).

2) Vetting the right staff and appointees. During this phase, the clear focus tends to be on identifying and vetting the right people to be in the right positions based on the president’s top priorities. Following the inauguration and transfer of power, a new president must roughly fill 4,000 political appointments, including approximately 1,000 that require Senate confirmation (Cheng, Chua, Morris, & Lee, 2012). So, aligning the right talent, with the right competencies, is a task all by itself.

3) Communication strategy. Quite frankly, the president-elect will encounter intense challenges with communication procedures if there isn’t one in place before Election day. A communication strategy should be developed to shape when and how the transition team will inform not only the president, but the press and the public regarding its activities, policy decisions, key personnel, and events involving the new president-elect (Stevens, 2012). Moreover, transparency is the ultimate key.

What advice would you give a new president to help build a high performing work team?

1) Clearly define the work team’s goals and objectives. Much like the team charter we created in our virtual teams, the president-elect should establish the purpose and expectations of his/her teams, roles and responsibilities, communication strategies, and appropriate team behavior. Due to the variety of teams that will cover specific areas of government, the president-elect should customize practices and procedures for each team to help prevent a “one method fits all” phenomenon in the administration. Also, collaborating activities within the transition team should strengthen trust and promote teamwork and cohesiveness among its members (Learning Point, Inc., 2011).

2) Communicate frequently, and reliably. The president-elect should espouse information that is fact-based according to research to minimize confusion among his/her team. Also, the communication strategy should be aligned with this principle to promote a sense of integrity, honesty, and competency (Stevens, 2012).

3) Have regular team meetings. The president-elect should use team meetings to celebrate successes, and let each team member share their achievements and shortcomings regarding their tasks at issue (Bailey, 2013).

4) Promote diversity. The President-elect should publicly commit his or herself to valuing diversity. When teams are persuaded by the value of diversity (as opposed to the value of similarity) for their team’s performance, diverse groups perform better when they hold pro-diversity versus pro-similarity beliefs (Thompson, 2014).

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A newly elected U.S. president has to assemble a cabinet and fill many key administrative positions. Disregarding the politics of the situation and based on this week’s readings:

What challenges do you think a new president faces in building a team?

The four leadership challenges Snellman (2014) identified in her article are probably common to all incoming presidents and e-leaders of virtual teams:

Trust – Building trust is especially difficult with virtual teams (Benetytė & Jatuliavičienė, 2013). Without it collaboration and knowledge sharing suffers, along with team effectiveness and productivity.

Communication – Face-to-face communication ‘trumps’ virtual communication because it includes non-verbal cues and is synchronous (Snellman, 2014).

Distance and Time – As we learned from the Group Consulting Project, leading a geographically dispersed team with members working in different time zones can make things like coordinating a staff meeting difficult.

Diversity – The incoming president will be leading a country that is diverse – by race, gender, religion, age, disability, etc. Diversity can create barriers to communication.

When faced with these challenges, the most effective leaders adapt their behaviors and adopt new skills to fit their new role, team member composition and environment.

What advice would you give a new president to help build a high performing work team?

To counter some of these challenges, I would give a new president the following advice:

    • Exhibit behaviors that enhance trust and foster collaboration and cohesion.
    • Ensure communication is timely, and most importantly, accurate.
    • If you are lacking in particular skills, surround yourself with people who are intelligent and competent, and trust them to do their jobs.
    • Our country is diverse. Appoint members to your team that are reflective of our country’s diversity. Don’t support and create policies that alienate members of your team or the tax paying citizens of the United States.

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  • We are living in a world where people want it fast and convenient. I feel two trends that will remain and impact TD for the next decade are mobile learning and learning accessibility. These methods will keep people more involved and interested because they are able to access their learning and training anywhere and anytime. M-learning, or Mobile Learning – tech-savvy employees relate to digital learning; it fits with their lifestyle. As more jobs move away from the traditional office-based ‘nine-to-five,’ mobile learning, or ’m-learning’ is gaining ground. With people working flexible hours across a number of locations, working from home or spending a lot of time on the move, the availability of learning programmes on mobile devices means they can do their training at a time and place that suits them. Access to the world’s best talent – technology transcends borders making learning accessible to more people, regardless of time zone and location. Online and virtual learning environments can provide high-quality content driven by well-qualified teachers and tutors. Private or group tutoring sessions can be delivered online, giving learners access to the best tutoring, regardless of location. This can be particularly valuable for language learning, where access to a tutor who is a native speaker of the language, and the opportunity to practice with live interaction, can help build confidence. (Whyte, 2016)

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ne big trend in TD is technology, particularly e-learning and mobile devices. Mobile devices are a part of our everyday life and have become a huge part of the workplace as well with the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). So, companies could benefit greatly from creating learning programs that are readily available outside of the workplace.


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