5 question history worksheet on The Golden and Mystical 1950s

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This is a 5 question history Q&A worksheet on The Golden and Mystical 1950s. Please see the document titled “Scoring Guide” for instructions and as a guide for how the instructor will grade the worksheet. There needs to be at least 3 references. Please use APA format.

  • What specific effects did Urban Sprawl have on U.S. society? Explain.
  • How did the advent of Rock and Roll and the “Teen Culture” impact U.S. society? Explain.
  • How did “dynamic conservatism” affect the U.S. political landscape? Explain.
  • What was “Politics of Consensus”? How does this compare with the current political discourse in the U.S. today? Which of these two views of perpetuating democratic government are better? Explain.
  • What effect did Sputnik have on U.S. society? Be sure to discuss its effects on both foreign and domestic policy.


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