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6. Discussion: Initial post 11/13; first response 11/15; second response 11/17
You may be wondering why I had you purchase the Atwell text since most of the direct references in the course have been to Gallagher & Kittel’s book. Well, Atwell is the basis of what Gallagher & Kittel wrote- in fact, post mid-1980s, Atwell’s work and her grounding in Rosenblatt’s theories, have been the basis for all ELA instruction. Notice how often Gallagher & Kittel refer to Atwell on the videos. As a teacher, you need o have access to the primary source.
That said, and as Gallagher and Kittel note, it is impossible to replicate Nancie Atwell’s work because her teaching environment was very unique. Before starting her own school, she taught middle school in Booth Bay, Maine. Small classes, low student numbers, and free from many of the challenges that face teachers today.
So what can you take from Atwell. A lot!
Prompt:After reading chapters 6, 7, and 8 select one very specific idea that you can and will use in your classroom, provide the page number where this idea/graphic can be found and state why you feel it would work in your teaching environment. Also, do the same for an idea that you feel could not work in your teaching environment.
Initial post: 11/13First response (2 students): 11/15Second response (2 students): 11/17
Student responses will be posted tomorrow. You have extra time for those!
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