1.Why is it important to read the warranty and know if you are getting a Limited Warranty or a Full Warranty?

2.How are consumers protected when they purchase online from a business?

3.Why do you think the FDA, FTC and CPSC are important for consumers? Be sure to use your notes to justify the importance of each agency

4.What do you think are the two most important legal everyone should understand before owning a car and why? Be sure to reference your notes.


1.Create a post by writing a “pro” for the type of warranty, either Limited or Full, that you want to comment about. Also research a product that offers that warranty and list that product. You can not repeat something that has already been posted

2.Part 1: Identify a product that you think could be held responsible for false advertising and why you think that product is falsely advertised

3.Post your opinion on whether cigarettes should be regulated (sales, advertisements, labels). Make a thoughtful comment on another person’s post

4.Part 1: Post one question you have from this lesson or a topic that you need clarified


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