9. Fill inthe blanks below to enable us to pass a double arr

9. Fill inthe blanks below to enable us to pass a double array called dbx toa methodcalled heroWorship.Within the method, the array should be called vb.boolean bbc = heroWorship( );public boolean heroWorship( ) //signatureof method10. Assumethe five values an integer array adc contains are: 34,56, -102, 18, and 5.What isthe value of adc[1]?11. Usingthe adc arrayfrom #10 above, what would be the value of adc[3] + adc[4]?12. Using the adc array from #10 above, what would be the value of adc[5] ?13.Describe what the following code segment does:for (int j = 0; j < b.length; j++)b[j] = Math.abs( b[j] );14.For the int array c = {1,2, 3, 4}, what would be the output of thefollowing code?String ss = “>>>”;int len = ss.length( );for (int j = 0; j < len; j++)ss+= c[j];System.out.println(ss);15.Write a loop that locates the first occurrence of a negative integer in anarray, pg.Whenthe loop is finished, the variable indxshould contain the index of thenegativenumber,or the length of the array if there were no negative numbers in the array.16.  String wc = “Whooping crane”;String sp[] = wc.split(“oo”);for(int j = 0; j < sp.length; j++){System.out.println(sp[j]);}17.List the elements of String [ ]sArray = “fee fi fo”.split(“s+”);.18.List the elements of String [ ]sp = “Onetwo”.split(“Q”);.19.Using the split method, write code that will count all of the occurrences of“th”(withoutregard to upper or lower case) in “The best THERE is is Barth”.

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