A.&nbspDevelop a story problem using the real-worldscenario you

A. Develop a story problem using the real-worldscenario you have selected from Here is my storyproblem.A parent is looking for the best option for daycare for achild. A home-based daycare: Sally’s. They charges $3 per hour. A center based:Head Start charges a set amount a week of $100 at 40 hours and $10 an hour forany time over the set amount of time. A parent works a total of 48 hours aweek. Is Sally’s a better option or Head Start a better option for the parent?The parent is single and rasing her child on her own, so budgeting is key intheir life.B. Analyze the cost of each option algebraically bydoing the following:1.Explainthe reasoning process used to translate the written description of each costoption into algebraic equations. 3. Solve the system of equations algebraically todetermine where the two cost options are equivalent, showing all work.
a.Explain each step used to solve the system of equations. Include the followinginyour explanation:
• All mathematical operationsused to solve the system of equations • The solution(s) of the system ofequations in ordered-pair notationC. Depict the real-world problem on a single graph,within a spreadsheet application using integrated graphing tools (e.g.,Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, LibreOffice Calc).Include the following details in your graphicalrepresentation of the real-world problem: • Label each axis of the coordinateplane with descriptive labels.
• Label all graphical solution(s) of the systemof equations as “solution” and includethe ordered pair.
• In a legend, indicate whichcost option corresponds with each line. • Save and submit your spreadsheet asan *.xls, *.xlsx, or *.ods file.D. Discuss a decision-making process that is basedon both mathematical reasoning and non-financial, or situational,considerations. Your discussion should include the following:• How financial information gleaned from youralgebraic and graphical analyses canbe used to determine the conditions forchoosing cost option A over cost option Band vice versa
• How non-financial, orsituational, considerations can impact the decision-making process
1. Discuss a final recommendation that states theoption that most closely meets the consumer’s financial needs and non-financialconsiderations.I am having extream difficulty with this, expecially graphing it. Please help

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