A review of 3 significant computer hacking events / security breaches

M3A2 Module 3 Discussion BoardThe purpose of this post is for you to get comfortable using Microsoft Word and to become familiar with the commonly used APA report style used when writing scholarly documents.  Choose a topic from the list below:Best practices in securing home computers / networksA review of 3 significant computer hacking events / security breachesComputer virusesSpywareEmail phishing attacksWrite a short report using Microsoft Word on your chosen topic utilizing the APA formatting rules satisfying the following requirements:A minimum of 700 words.Page 1 must be a title page.Page 2 must contain a brief one paragraph abstract (50 to 100 words) along with a table of contents field generated by Word from the report headings.The body of the report (pages 3, 4,…) should be broken into 3 or more sections (using Heading 1 styles).  These section headings will then be used to populate the table of contents.Insert at least 3 APA style citations in the body of your report.The last page must be your reference page (bibliography) and will contain your APA formatted source list for the citations used in the body of your report.Your sources do not have to stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny.  You are free to site websites such as Wikipedia and so on.To make this post easier, use the Microsoft Word APA Report template.  Just choose “File”, “New”, and search for “APA report”.  You may also visit the Purdue website on APA formatting for more info at:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ or the vidcast series athttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8F43A67F38DE3D5D&feature=edit_okBe sure that you create a new thread within the APA Style Report Discussion Post and include your name and topic in the subject line.  Attach your Microsoft Word document (saved using your name as the filename with a .docx file extension) to the post.  Review the discussion posts of your peers and write a one paragraph response to at least one peer.A rubric is provided.

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