A sentence and 2 small summaries with in-text reference

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Question 1:

Write a sentence paraphrasing the following text and add a correct in-text reference:

“Book publishing is very much a global industry and is dominated by a number of large multinational corporations that often have extensive commercial operations, of which publishing is only one. At the other end of the scale are smaller commercial businesses, family-run publishing houses, professional societies, and academic institutions that often concentrate on niche publishing for a specific audience (Weller, 2000).”

The quotation is from page 398 in the book “The Writer’s Handbook” edited by Barry Turner published in 2005.


Question 2:

Based on the quotations provided, summarize the text with an appropriate in-text reference!

1. “An academic summary tells the main points of a source text in brief form. As a condensed version of the source material, it can range anywhere from a couple of sentences to a short summary article, depending on the length of the source and your purposes for writing. In writing a summary, you need to select the most important points of the source text and report on (vs. react to) them using your own words.”

This quote is by Melanie Marse from the article “Writing an Academic Summary” on page 4 published in January 12, 2008.

2. “In the conclusion, the author provides a retrospective overview of the most important parts of the text, presents the results obtained and makes proposals for further research. The summary is not used to pose new problems or present views or conclusions made in relation to questions that were not addressed in the previous parts of the paper.”

This quote is from the “EUAS GUIDELINES FOR COMPOSING AND FORMATTING STUDENT PAPERS” on page 22. The guideline is published in 2020.



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