Abnormal Psychology

Summary of “Integration of Cognitive Therapy and Behavioral Marital Therapy for Depression”
General Instructions: This assignment is due by 11:59pm on Wednesday October 14, 2020.
Late assignment submissions may incur a reduction of points. Emailed assignments will not be
accepted. No assignment will be accepted after October 16, 2020. In the case of a medical or
legal issue that is documented and acceptable to the instructor, the assignment will receive a
grade of ‘0’. At the end of the semester, the average of all completed assignment grades will
replace that zero. You assignment should be no shorter than 2 pages and no more than 4 pages.
Formatting: Assignments must be formatted in the following manner: Times New Roman font
style, 12-point font size, double-spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. Your must include
your name, the assignment name (e.g., “Written Assignment 3”), your course name and section,
and the date at the top of your document.
Specific Instructions: Your summary must address each section of the article. You summary
should be organized into the following sections or paragraphs:

  1. Note the authors’ names, the journal name, and the title.
  2. Summarize the overall purpose of the research article.
  3. Summarize why is it important to integrate Behavioral Marital Therapy (BMT) and
    Cognitive Therapy CT). To do so, you must:
    a)Describe how Behavioral Marital Therapy for depression works.
    b)Describe how Cognitive Therapy for depression works.
    c)Describe how they are different.
  4. Summarize what the authors claim are challenges to integrating BMT and CT to treat
    depression. To do so, you must:
    a)Explain the concept of ‘technical integration’.
    b)Explain the concept of ‘theoretical integration’.
    c)Describe how they are different.
    d)Describe what an integrated treatment model entails.
  5. Summarize how BMT/CT cases are conceptualized and assessed.
    a)Explain differences in treatment approach between distressed and nondistressed couples.
    b)Explan how differences in distress and depression are assessed.
    c)Describe ‘classic’, ‘denial’, ‘systemic’, and ‘social support’ couples.
  6. Summarize the importance of the ‘treatment rationale’ and describe the rationale for an
    integrated BMT/CT treatment.
  7. Summarize the four principles for structuring an integrated BMT/CT treatment.
    Submission: All submissions must go through Blackboard. Successfully submitting your work
    via Blackboard is a factor in your grade for this assessment. Documents must be submitted in
    portable document format (.pdf) and uploaded to the Writtten Assignments section of
    Blackboard. Students MUST NOT type their summary and copy-and-paste it into the text box of
    the assignment upload portal.
    NOTE: Points may be deducted for submissions that are either too short or too long. It will be
    very difficult to summarize this article in less than two pages. if your document is less than two
    pages, you likely have left out information necessary for providing a complete answer.

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