Acid Titration Lab

Calculations :

  1. calculate moles of NaOH from the average volume used in Part 1, and the given molarity.
  2. calculate moles of HCI present originally
  3. calculate the molarity of the HCI solution.
  4. calculate moles of NaOH from the average volume used in Part 2, and the given molarity.
  5. calculate moles of acetic acid present originaly.
  6. calculate the molarity of the acetic acid solution
  7. calculate the mass of acetic acid in 1 L of solution
  8. Calculate the percentage of acetic acid in the vinegar



Questions :

1. While doing a titration, it is permissible to use a wash bottle to wash down any material that may have splashed higher up. this would appear to increase the volume of the acid in the flask. why will it have no effect on the results?

2. what was the reasoning for rinsing out the buret with NaOH solution before starting the titrations?

3. By law, vinegar must be not less thqn 4% by mass acetic acid. did your sample meet these specifications?

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