Activision Blizzard, Inc.

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The company will be Activision Blizzard, Inc.

Answers all questions. Additional research will be required in order to do so.

1. Describe three sources of financial and managerial accounting information generated by and unique to the organization (industry or sector) you selected. Explain how the information is used and by whom.

2. Perform a strategic position analysis (Porter, 1980). First, identify the organization’s mission and goals. Then, determine the primary strategic position of the company. Discuss how the position selected aligns with the overall mission and goals of the company and leads to business success. As a manager, do you agree with the current strategic position and direction of the company or would you recommend an alternative course of action? Why or why not?

3. Generate a cost driver analysis. Begin by classifying the structural, organizational, and activity cost drivers of the company. Then, outline what internal and external factors may cause or influence these cost categories within the business under study.

4. Assess the ethical health of the organization and the dilemmas that you, as a manager or managerial accountant, may confront.

Support your conclusions with additional readings and research. Cite your sources using APA. A minimum of two (2) sources is required (excluding the textbook). Answer all questions in paragraph format (full sentences, no bullet points).


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