Acute subdural haemorrhage

Acute subdural haemorrhage

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In this essay, i would have to write on the nursing & medical management of adult patients in the medical-surgical setting on the topic: acute subdural haemorrhage

based in Singapore practices

The content will have to be based by:
1. Introduction of the topic and link abit of acute subdural haematoma, pathophysiology, signs and symptoms.
2. current practices and challenges from nurses
***search and use current and credible information from relevant soucres such as evidence-based research articles, clinical practices guidelines, online databases,

journal artices and textbooks
3. recommendations to apply to clinicial praactices in nursing field

i have to state the current practices in neurology department on nursing this group of patients and what are the current challenges faced and relate.
i work in a surgical general ward. so i have to relate to. if i have such patient overflow to my ward for preop/post op after stepdown from neurology ICA to General

ward, what and how can the nurses take care & monitor this patient? if it is a new staff nurse or not neuro trained, what should and could be educate?

2 areas to focus on will be:
– monitoring of CLC & GCS monitoring
– post EVD monitoring & ex EVD drain site for risk of infection


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