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Lesson 9

(Respond with 150 words) Paula – In chapter nine of Principles of Management, talks about job specialization that is described by easy steps, high repetition, and low variety. Consequently, to maintain a good satisfying job experience in a company, employees should demonstrate their skills and abilities. Employees need to have compensation from their company and be flexible between life and work. Making a difference by compensating employees and giving them flexible schedules will benefit an organization and workers will perform better. The job itself must present opportunities for achievement, recognition, progress, responsibility, and growth. Job enrichment is a kind of job redesign that causes significant increases in job satisfaction.

A common motivational technique is job enrichment in which worker has more authority and control to make decisions about their job. Also, job enrichment increases the number of tasks given to an employee and more self-management in their duties. For example, if a company decides to perform job enrichment with some of its employees, this will benefit the firm. Giving autonomy to employees will free them to focus more on their tasks than sending reports to the superior. The employee needs to feel valuable in order to be motivated to produce quality results. Therefore, employees will learn vertical loading skills for those cases where they do not need management’s approval. In other words, workers need to have the same authority as managers to solve clients’ problems. This technique of job enrichment will benefit employees to learn skills that equip them for a higher position. Additionally, given more authority helps the employee provide an opportunity for psychological and mental growth in decision making.

(Respond with 150 words) Carolina – After reading the chapter, I am able to identify the three methods of job specialization. First, is job enrichment, which attempts to overcome the deficiencies in specialized work by increasing the number of tasks and giving authority and control to make meaningful decisions about the employee’s work (Williams, 2018). Second is job enlargement, which increases the task an employee performs; finally, job rotation, which rotates employees from one specialized job to another to give them more variety and the opportunity to use different skills (Williams, 2018).
The reason I left my previous job was for the lack of job enrichment. I was capable of making some decisions, but I still had to check with the boss first before we could move forward with the transaction. Because of this, many closings got delayed at the pick of the market. Many people were disappointed by the way we handled things. I think managers have to get to know their employees a little better and figure out their strengths and weaknesses by studying and monitoring their employee’s performance. This way, managers can decide whether or not it is a good idea to increase the number of tasks, including the control of their outcomes (job enrichment) to the employee.

Lesson 10

(Respond with 150 words) Paula – A small number of people with shared purpose and mutual interest in goals achievements know as work teams. Working in teams improve skills, increase capabilities, and present quality work. On the other side, teams are not for everyone. Some people like to work by themselves, while others are open to work and share with more people. We all have experienced the presence of having a lazy team member working on the same group. Social loafers can lead to distractions that impede team success.

I remember when I was at school, my teamwork was good enough to complete the task that was to paint a mural in two days. We were a group of four persons, and we ended up doing the job only three of us. One of my team members was more focused on taking selfies than painting the wall. She was a slacker; she did not contribute to anything more than her presence. Finally, we finish the mural on time, and we all get a good grade. I could do better by telling my classmate to please help us, at least with a small part. However, I was so concentrated on finishing the task that I did not want to lose time creating conflict with my team. I did not feel good that we could not work in a team we were supposed to be, but the professor did not notice and was satisfied with our job.

(Respond with 150 words) Chrisnel – One time I recalled working with a slacker was last year from one of my business class we had to work on a big project which was about 50 percent of our final grades, and my partner would always claimed to be busy and making excuses for not working and participating on the project, so a week before the project was due I went to the professor and explained everything to her because it was the right things to, I spends my hard earn money for the class, as well works hard to do my best, so there was no way I was going to let a slacker messed my grades up. So after I talked to the professor I decided to work on the project by myself since my partner wasn’t reliable enough and I didn’t want to fail the class. Looking back now I don’t know how I could have improved the team’s effectiveness because I tried everything that I wa suppose to, sometime it’s up to the other members/person to make the necessary changes enable to move forward, but since the slacker was not willing to try,I did what I thought was best for me at the end and move for I was forward like I was supposed to.


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