African American Military

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The focus of this last session and your Final Exam paper for this course is the African American legacy in the U.S. military. Below is a list of historical footage that reflects the legacy of African Americans in the military. You may choose footage from this list to view and write about for your Final Exam paper or you may explore other options. However, you must focus exclusively on the African American legacy in the U.S. military for your Final Exam paper.

You may conduct research and write about a key African American figure in the military such as William H. Carney, Cathay Williams, General Colin Powell, the Black Minute Men and so many more. You may also go to the U.S. Army website entitled “African Americans in the U.S. Army; Profiles of Bravery” which chronicles the history of the African American legacy in the U.S. military (

I chose General Colin Powell. If you would like to chose another African American you may.

Your Final Exam paper must be written strictly from a Strengths Perspective. Specifically, you must highlight the successes and accomplishments of an African American or African Americans in the military or events related to African Americans in relationship to the military. To help you, I have listed reading material, footage, key historical figures, people, presidents and events that may serve as a foundation for your Final Exam paper and readings for the last session of this course.

Your Final Exam paper should be two or three pages. It should not exceed three pages. APA style.


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