After reading Chapter Ten, investigate a pair of competing b

After reading Chapter Ten, investigate a pair of competing brands or organizations and the Twitter presence for both.  After reviewing at least 1 – 2 weeks of tweets from both Twitter accounts, compare and contrast the two organizations, answering the following questions:1.  Identify both accounts that you selected.  How many followers does each account have?  How many total tweets have been sent from the account?2.  What does each organization tweet about most often?  What is similar about the content?  What is different?3.  Based on the tweets that you reviewed, what is the target audience for this organization on Twitter?4.  What role does each organization’s Twitter presence play in regards to public relations for the business?5.  Do you think that each organization’s Twitter presence helps or hurts their business?  Why?  (If available, find the mission statements for the organizations, and state whether you feel each organization is contributing to their mission with the social media activity you observed.)Choose from the following list of organizations to compare.  (Keep in mind that capitalization is important when searching for Twitter accounts.)Burger King @BurgerKing vs. Taco Bell @tacobellThe Tonight Show @FallonTonight vs. Jimmy Kimmel Live @JimmyKimmelLiveTennessee Titans @titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers @steelersCoca Cola @CocaCola vs. Pepsi @pepsiNike @Nike vs. Under Armour @UnderArmour

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