After you have chosen which themeor themes you want to apply

After you have chosen which themeor themes you want to apply to your research paper and have completed yoursentence outline ( an outline of the theme from the article or essay youchose), you are to start looking for that theme in the novel or selection andhow it is presented or represented.. Since your research paper is aliterary analysis paper, you will be looking for how your particular themeworks in the novel/selection once you begin your paper.  I suggest that you do not attempt to work onthe paper until you have a clear and concise understanding of your theme andhave read the entire novel/selection.  Make sure you mark significantpassages in your novel/selection that will help to strengthen your argument. Always introduce your directquotation, paraphrase and summary. Also make sure you comment afterwards.  By doing this introduction and commentary,your voice will be sure to be heard in the paper.Make sure you remain as objectiveas possible. Note using the first person “I” in a paper makes it subjective.The second person “you” is not an indefinite pronoun.  A useful pronoun to use is “one” then followit with “s/he.”  Or make the subjectplural and follow it with “they.”The length of your paper should be6-8 full pages for ENGL 102 and 8-10 for Humanities with the WorksCited page not counting as one of those pages.All pages should be numberedbeginning with the first and ending with the Works Cited page. Papers are to besubmitted in Word 97-2003.For a paper this length you shouldhave at least 6 sources.  Three of thesesources must be critical, from a collection of essays or an article in arefereed journal.  A refereed journal isa journal that specializes in the topic where the paper has been sent to atleast three of the author’s peers and then published.  Do not use Wikipedia as a source.  You may use it as a means to obtain a clearand precise idea of you topic.  SometimesWikipedia will give you a link to a credible source that you may be able touse.If you do a cover page, MLAdictates that an outline of the paper should follow.  You will be turning all materials into me ina portfolio on the due date. Do not bold, underline or italicizeyour titles, and please try to be creative with them.JSTOR, MLA Bibliography,ABELL are just a few of the databases where you can obtain a refereedarticle.  They are under Literatureand Languages via of research port. They are online databases that you can retrieve from the UniversityLibrary homepage.

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